MEET The MASTER of classical art

Agnes revealed artistic talent at an early age, drawing and painting subjects around her in primary and secondary schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she was born. A full scholarship admitted her to the School of Fine Art at Washington University in Saint Louis. She emphasized drawing and painting under Professors Siegfried Reinhardt, Fred Conway and Edward Boccia.

After completing three years at Washington University, she moved to Paris, France, in 1958, where she was admitted by competition to l’Ecole des Beaux- Arts; at the University of Paris, under the supervision of Professor Lemusier. She was Etudiante Patronee par le Gouvernement Francais. She concentrated on drawing and painting in the student atelier, in the Louvre, and en plain aire around Paris and beyond. In 1959 she was admitted to the Grande Chaumiere, where she painted under the supervision of Henri Goetz. Her professors respected her work and critiqued it and she produced a remarkable oeuvre while there.

Agnes returned to Saint Louis in 1959, where she resumed her scholarship at Washington University and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1960. She next attended the School of Fine Art at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Master of Fine Arts program. Working under the supervision of Professor John Weller, she emphasized classical printmaking. Working under Professor Ollie Schuchard, she emphasized film photography and photo-intaglio. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree in 1982. After that, she produced commissioned artwork for the University of Missouri and taught there as an instructor for several years.

Since then, Agnes has produced more than fifty editions of classical etchings, photo-intaglio, woodcuts, and lithographs. She has produced a remarkable oeuvre of drawings, pen and pencil, and, more recently, acrylic paintings on canvas, emphasizing New Mexico landscapes.

Agnes has been a member of the Society of Women Artists and has exhibited in Columbia and Kansas City, Missouri, Boston, Massachusetts, and Bernalillo, New Mexico. She has also exhibited internationally, especially in the Netherlands. Her works have been sold at numerous auctions and from art markets and websites worldwide. Her professional activities are incorporated as Agnes Crowley Artist LLC, in the State of New Mexico. Her professional website is

Agnes lives with her husband, William J. Crowley, Jr., in Austin, Texas. She has four children and thirteen grandchildren.